EntryGrid JS

A JQuery Plugin created to help web developers with their rich data entry project requirements. It's easy to use and fully customizable. Free for commercial and personal use.

Runs on all major browsers. Best use in Firefox.


EntryGrid JS is focused on data entry. It is inspired by Microsoft NAV data entry component.

Freeze Columns
First and second columns are fixed to make easy reference to the right most columns.
On-change Cell Callback
Ability to update columns using your own implementation of on-change callback function.
Data Types
It supports Dynamic Search cell type, Datepicker, Dropdown list, numeric and text inputs and checkbox type.
Validation / Restriction
You can create your own validation by overriding the on-change callback function. You can set as readonly any cell you require.
Data Source
It works on Javascript Arrays, whether static arrays or from Ajax response json types of data source.
Properly sorts date and numeric data types and of course our friend string type.
Move/Hide Columns
You can move column by drag and drop. Select columns to hide by clicking the menu button.
Resize Columns
Easily resize any columns you want by clicking and dragging the right edge of the column.
Multi Delete Rows
Select multiple rows to delete. Toggle click the cell number to select rows.

Totally Open Source

You can freely modify it or use it for commercial and personal use. EntryGrid JS is under MIT License.

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